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pre purchase inspections

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

It’s important to examine the property’s condition before purchase. At pre purchase inspections provides in Geelong buyers with a scientific review and comprehensive report that assesses the condition of everything throughout the property. pre-purchase inspection Geelong saves you from expensive & extra repairs.

Our specialties

  • we tend to provide a team of inspectors who use advanced technology to serve you the best results.
  • we will deliver quick and fast review reports
  • we will use the latest computerized software and provide correct and careful coverage of inspected things
  • we tend to guarantee our reports exceed the standards
  • we tend to often participate in skill progress and sustain unique moral standards

What you’ll be able to expect from a property examination

Building interior:

  • We carefully check all doors, floors windows, walls ceilings, and handles
  • water areas together with taps, baths wastes, basins showers, toilet screens vanities, splashbacks,
  • cabinets, linens, tiles stairs shelves,
  • We will additionally examine beneath floors and within the roof, the area provided protection and sufficient access is out there

Building exterior:

  • We examine roofing gutters, porch light up and downpipes, terrace balusters, stairs
  • We additionally check and assess protection, mouldings, barges, and overhang
  • The site drains, drive track, paths, garages, garden, and fences

Termite inspection

Termites Geelong is a primary danger to houses throughout Australia, with 1 in three being attacked. That’s why we offer huge persistent education for our expert termite pest management technicians. Termite manipulation offerings have different level techniques from inspection to treatment, observed with the aid of using after-provider care, we will make sure your property stays free of termites withinside the future. In order to store yourself from spending hundreds of bucks on repairs, you want to make sure there aren’t any termites on your property. our quite skilled technicians realize what to search for in terms of the symptoms of a termite infestation. This makes us the relied-on name in Australia among citizens who want an intensive and expert termite inspection performed on their homes. Once our inspection has been completed, we then put together a document primarily based totally on our findings. In this document, we’ll element any air flow or drainage problems that we might also additionally have found.

Termite treatment

Prevention is the best treatment so regular Termite inspection is recommended. Any harm or protection problems related to moisture and water ought to be solved quickly and carefully as termites Geelong wants moisture and may stay underground technicians have a lot of inspection techniques and systems to make an intensive inspection so if your property is at a threat call us today. Our expert pest control technicians will develop a remedy plan for your property

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