September 2023

Why Cladding Made Of Weatherboards Is So Popular In New Zealand

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Weatherboard homes are popular all around the world, particularly in areas with a lot of untreated wood.  They are most frequently found in Queensland, where weatherboard is a defining characteristic of a classic home, and coastal regions. Weatherboard cladding for NZ homes that have been newly constructed or rebuilt, the weatherboard cladding frequently has balconies and verandahs. These features are especially useful in warm regions where a flow-through wind and outdoor living are encouraged. Since weatherboard houses are frequently used as vacation homes, they frequently have a relaxed, beachy air. In order to eliminate durability problems like shrinking, swelling, warping, and rotting, weathertex wall cladding was specially designed. They are stable, free of knots, and uniform in size and shape. Fibre cement weatherboards are a very resilient composite building material that are frequently used in bushfire-prone locations. Cement is strengthened using wood cellulose. In order to complete an upper floor or ground floor extension, homeowners frequently try to match the weatherboards from their Victorian home, which can be challenging when choosing weatherboard cladding homes for NZ. Weather signs are a typical extension to block houses. Since completing a second level extension using heavy materials such as blocks tends to be very expensive, it is quite common to build a single-storey house using weatherboards. If the contrast between the brick and  the siding doesn’t suit the house, the masonry can be made the same color as the siding to achieve a similar look. Cladding can be used to cover some walls, so it makes sense to cover some walls with bricks.

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Whether you need a weatherboard for thermal insulation, weather protection, or aesthetic appeal, Weathertex has everything you need for cladding. You can count on the high calibre and longevity of our materials at weathertex. Our selection of cladding and weatherboards is the same. You may find long-lasting, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing options for your house or place of business in our carefully picked assortment of weatherboard cladding. Weathertex Timber weatherboard supplier NZ can help you improve the look, use, and value of your property. Since cladding is effectively an additional layer of skin for your house, you want to make sure it is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. There is no better place to find the security you require than weathertex, the go-to provider of cladding and weatherboards in New Zealand. Discover the best weatherboard options for the cladding of your building by perusing our selection right now. As a result, we just serve timber weatherboards supplier in NZ; we do not offer installation services. However, you can ask our knowledgeable team for installation help and direction when placing your order for weatherboards. It’s crucial to remember that, like with other installation projects, if you’re unsure, it’s preferable to ask a professional for assistance rather than attempting to do it yourself.